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Welcome Mike!

Updated: Jan 15

Exciting news; PondLeap is growing!!! WE HIRED OUR FIRST FULL TIME SALESPERSON!

Over the last six months since PondLeap’s inception, we have learned a lot about running a successful startup. One of our core values is to Drink Our Own Champagne, and became the impetus to our “Leaper” program, which launched about three months ago. The idea of this program being that our freelancers would have the ability to earn money and gain experience prospecting for PondLeap while waiting to get on engagements. This program has proven to be a huge success and has led us to our first full-time hire: Mike Gyetvay!

Our first “cohort” of Leapers consisted of three individuals with different backgrounds and levels of experience. Mike Gyetvay being an accountant by profession and training, but a salesperson at heart decided to take a Leap with us and join our Leaper team on a freelance basis to gain some experience. Out of the gate, he booked meeting after meeting ultimately leading to revenue generation and a pipeline of deals fit for a tenured sales professional. Sales are core to any business (especially a business that sells sales!), so we decided that bringing Mike on full-time was the obvious decision as we build out PondLeap.

Here’s a little bit about Mike:

Mike graduated from Augustana College in 2013 and obtained his CPA shortly thereafter. Since that point, Mike has worked in Public Accounting at Grant Thornton LLP and was one of the first full-time accounting hires at Home Chef - a leader in the Meal-Kit industry. Earlier in 2020, Mike decided to take a risk on himself and make the transition to sales. Since that point, he hasn't looked back. Outside of the office, Mike is a world traveler, craft beer connoisseur (plug for his IG account @TheBeerSpectrum), and absolute sports junkie (not a day goes by where he isn't shooting hoops or tuning into some English Premier League action).

Please help us welcome Mike to the PondLeap team!

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